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FCC Chair Announces Major Changes to EBS

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has revealed plans to change access to EBS 2.5 GHz spectrum, that would eliminate current educational use requirements and open an auction to use the mid-band airwaves for 5G.

The item will be up for vote at the FCC’s July 10 open meeting.

In a blog post Pai said the order will update an outdated regulatory regime. Pai indicated that the new framework, which eliminates existing eligibility and use requirements will give incumbent users more flexibility in how to use the spectrum.

The proposal also provides a local priority filing window for rural Tribal Nations to gain access to the mid-band spectrum for mobile wireless service. After the priority window, the FCC would conduct an auction for remaining “white spaces” of unused 2.5 GHz spectrum.

The timing for tribes’ priority filing window has not been determined.

Full text of the draft document may be seen at: