Regulatory - EBS Spectrum and Band Plan

EBS stations are licensed in the 2.5 GHz band, which extends from 2496 MHz to 2690 MHz.   In the 2.5 GHz band, there are 20 EBS channels and 13 channels in the commercial Broadband Radio Service (BRS), in addition to a number of small “guard-band” channels associated with certain of the EBS and BRS channels.

Legacy EBS stations (those licensed prior to October 25, 2019) are typically licensed in five groups of four (4) channels each, labeled as the A, B, C, D and G channel groups.   However, in some places,  prior to 1983, ITFS licenses were issued for the E and F channel groups, and those licenses continue as “grandfathered” EBS licenses.   Also, some EBS licenses specify fewer than four channels in a group, and some EBS licenses specify channels in more than one group.

EBS-BRS Band Plan Graphic

The EBS band plan is specified in 47 CFR § 27.5 (i) as follows:

Lower Band Segment (LBS) Channels:

BRS Channel 1: 2496-2502 MHz
EBS Channel A1: 2502-2507.5 MHz
EBS Channel A2: 2507.5-2513 MHz
EBS Channel A3: 2513-2518.5 MHz
EBS Channel B1: 2518.5-2524 MHz
EBS Channel B2: 2524-2529.5 MHz
EBS Channel B3: 2529.5-2535 MHz
EBS Channel C1: 2535-2540.5 MHz
EBS Channel C2: 2540.5-2546 MHz
EBS Channel C3: 2546-2551.5 MHz
EBS Channel D1: 2551.5-2557 MHz
EBS Channel D2: 2557-2562.5 MHz
EBS Channel D3: 2562.5-2568 MHz

Guard-band “J” Channels:

EBS Channel JA1: 2568.00000-2568.33333 MHz
EBS Channel JA2: 2568.33333-2568.66666 MHz
EBS Channel JA3: 2568.66666-2569.00000 MHz
EBS Channel JB1: 2569.00000-2569.33333 MHz
EBS Channel JB2: 2569.33333-2569.66666 MHz
EBS Channel JB3: 2569.66666-2570.00000 MHz
EBS Channel JC1: 2570.00000-2570.33333 MHz
EBS Channel JC2: 2570.33333-2570.66666 MHz
EBS Channel JC3: 2570.66666-2571.00000 MHz
EBS Channel JD1: 2571.00000-2571.33333 MHz
EBS Channel JD2: 2571.33333-2571.66666 MHz
EBS Channel JD3: 2571.66666-2572.00000 MHz

Middle Band Segment (MBS) Channels:

EBS Channel A4: 2572-2578 MHz
EBS Channel B4: 2578-2584 MHz
EBS Channel C4: 2584-2590 MHz
EBS Channel D4: 2590-2596 MHz
EBS Channel G4: 2596-2602 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel F4: 2602-2608 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel E4: 2608-2614 MHz

Guard-band “K” Channels:

BRS Channel KH1: 2614.00000-2614.33333 MHz
BRS Channel KH2: 2614.33333-2614.66666 MHz
BRS Channel KH3: 2614.66666-2615.00000 MHz
EBS Channel KG1: 2615.00000-2615.33333 MHz
EBS Channel KG2: 2615.33333-2615.66666 MHz
EBS Channel KG3: 2615.66666-2616.00000 MHz
BRS Channel KF1: 2616.00000-2616.33333 MHz
BRS Channel KF2: 2616.33333-2616.66666 MHz
BRS Channel KF3: 2616.66666-2617.00000 MHz
BRS Channel KE1: 2617.00000-2617.33333 MHz
BRS Channel KE2: 2617.33333-2617.66666 MHz
BRS Channel KE3: 2617.66666-2618.00000 MHz

Upper Band Segment (UBS) Channels:

BRS Channel 2: 2618-2624 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel E1: 2624-2629.5 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel E2: 2629.5-2635 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel E3: 2635-2640.5 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel F1: 2640.5-2646 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel F2: 2646-2651.5 MHz
BRS/EBS Channel F3: 2651.5-2657 MHz
BRS Channel H1: 2657-2662.5 MHz
BRS Channel H2: 2662.5-2668 MHz
BRS Channel H3: 2668-2673.5 MHz
EBS Channel G1: 2673.5-2679 MHz
EBS Channel G2: 2679-2684.5 MHz
EBS Channel G3: 2684.5-2690 MHz

EBS licenses issued after October 25, 2019 (Tribal licenses issued pursuant to the Tribal Priority Window and licenses issued pursuant to competitive bidding) are designated as being for Channels 1, 2 or 3, which are composed of the following legacy EBS channels:

EBS Channel 1:  A1-A3, B1-B3, and C1-C3

EBS Channel 2:  D1-D3, JA1-JD3 and A4-G4

EBS Channel 3:  G1-G3 and KG1-KG3