NEBSA Updates - CSU Program Features NEBSA Conference Keynote Speaker

Many attendees at the NEBSA annual conference found the keynote speaker, Robert Tercek and his presentation on the ongoing impact of technology highly informative and thought provoking.

NEBSA member organization and EBS licensee, California State University, Long Beach (along with their representative Dave Kelly, Director, Advanced Media Production) told us they greatly appreciated the keynote session, and  read Tercek's book, Vaporized,  which was provided to all conference attendees. Several CSU faculty who attended the NEBSA conference gave a positive response to the content presented. 

Dave and CSU contacted Robert Tercek and inquired if he would be interested in appearing on their interview program, Talking Points which focuses on current trends and technological developments among other subjects.  The program airs on multiple cable channels throughout California.  Robert Tercek agreed and recently appeared on the program.  As expected his appearance was fascinating, entitled Data Dominance and the Software Driven Society.

As Dave commented, "  Those who attended the conference in Tucson would find the interview to be a fascinating recap, follow-up, and forward extension to the speech they heard Robert deliver in February.  Those who didn’t attend would see an interview with fresh eyes and might become inspired to attend future NEBSA conferences . . ."  NEBSA members and prior conference attendees know the value of attending the NEBSA conference.  Registration will be opening for the next NEBSA Annual Conference which will be held in San Antonio, Texas , February 19-21,2018

CSU has graciously agreed to share the video of Talking Points with NEBSA membership.  We are happy to provide the link to you.  We hope you enjoy the program and thank CSU Long Beach and Dave Kelly for their enthusiasm and support.