EBS In Action

EBS In Action

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University of Central Florida Expands Student Services Using EBS
University of Central Florida Expands Student Services Using EBS

A gap in connectivity impacting student services among new multiple campus locations was filled through a creative solution using EBS.  

South Carolina Educational TV: A Productive Partnership
South Carolina Educational TV

The South Carolina Educational Television program (SCETV) currently serves partners across two-thirds of the state, and more importantly, it offers access and educational resources to a younger group of students who might not otherwise get it..

ITEF Funds Excellence in Education
Innovative Technology Education Fund

ITEF awards grants for projects involving not just computer equipment and broadband access but telescopes, medical technology, music equipment, foreign language resources, projects in special needs classrooms, continuing education, and more.

Building a Network on Michigan's Upper Peninsula
Northern Michigan University

It has been a long, interesting journey from the first ThinkPad and the first wired network on the Northern Michigan University (NMU) campus to the diverse collection of community networks that serve the upper peninsula today...

Voqal: Promoting Social Equity

Community involvement opportunities, educational resources, scholarship and job opportunities are difficult for those whose ability to get internet coverage is limited due to price, location, or logistical concerns.