NEBSA Updates - FCC Chair Says 2.5 GHz Auction May Be Held Summer 2020

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai indicated that the EBS 2.5 GHz auction will follow the 3.5 GHz auction, slated to start in June. "With almost 200 megahertz, this is the largest contiguous band of terrestrial, flexible use spectrum below 3 GHz in the United States," Pai told the Citizens Broadband Radio Service Alliance.  Analysis of a recent Office of Economics and Analytics auction report indicates the start of the 2.5 GHz auction cold occur before Sept. 30.

Work continues on CBRS, Pai said. "We can't let up, because our work is not done." Spectrum access system administrators "need to report back to us to let us know that the dynamic sharing is working without any interference problems, so we'll be monitoring that closely . . . "If the sharing regime works as we expect, we can continue to fine tune the system, adjusting protection zones and power levels."

An order approved by commissioners in July rewriting rules for the educational broadband service band, is partly effective Nov. 25, with other parts 184 days after publication, following  a listing in the Federal Register.