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FCC Approves EBS Spectrum for Tribal Areas

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The Tribal applicants that filed the applications move closer to obtaining access to EBS spectrum to help address the connectivity needs of their rural communities. Successful Tribal applicants will receive licenses for exclusive use of up to 117.5 megahertz of 2.5 GHz spectrum which can help serve rural Tribal communities with broadband and other advanced wireless services, including 5G. To date, the Commission has granted 182 of the 2.5 GHz applications submitted through the Rural Tribal Priority Window.

 The Rural Tribal Priority Window for applications to obtain overlay licenses for unassigned 2.5 GHz band spectrum was open from February 3 to September 2, 2020.

The FCC announced that 29 applications received in the window have been found accepted for filing. This means that those applications, upon initial review, were found to be complete and to contain sufficient information to be accepted for processing and further review. It does not mean that all application requirements have been met, nor does it mean that any waiver requested as part of an application will be granted. FCC staff will continue to review and process all applications filed in the priority window.

More information on application processing and status may be found at