Annual Conference - 2018 Annual Conference - Program

February 19th - 21st, 2018

Hilton Palacio del Rio Riverwalk Hotel
200 South Alamo Street
San Antonio, Texas 78205

All items subject to change

Pre-Conference (Monday 2/19/18):

Morning Tour – SASTEMIC STEM Geek Bus        (This event requires separate registration)

Join us for an exciting tour (where the tour comes to NEBSA!) of the STEM Geek Bus – a mobile maker space.  The SASTEMIC STEM Connectory delivers services focused on creating a capable STEM workforce, advocating for STEM and connecting stakeholders across the San Antonio community. The STEM Geek Bus is part of that community effort.   Examples of interactive educational technology learning experiences focusing on critical STEM content areas will be featured.


EBS 101

This session is an introduction to EBS for newcomers and other attendees interested in learning more about the history, technology, regulation and educational use of Educational Broadband Service.  Given the changes that continue to evolve in technology, education and regulations this session has something of value for everyone interested in EBS.


Conference (Monday 2/19/18)

NEBSA Welcome - Keynote Speaker:

Executive Director - Welcome - Remarks

Keynote Speaker:  Join our much-anticipated keynote speaker Jaime Casap, Chief Education Evangelist at Google. Jaime is a highly sought-after speaker and international consultant focusing on the educational impact and potential of technology.  In addition to working as part of the Google Education Team he has presented at numerous events and conference such as TED Talks and South by Southwest Education.

Washington Update – Spectrum and Communications Policy Washington Update:

Change is ongoing in Washington and at the FCC.  Counsel representing numerous EBS licensees will provide an update on regulatory and legislative matters that impact EBS licensees. Conference attendees typically identify this session as being of extraordinary value helping to identify and clarify regulatory issues of interest.  Keeping informed on FCC policies is always important.

Opening Reception:

Join the wonderful and diverse members of NEBSA and enjoy a great opportunity to network as we welcome you with refreshments to the NEBSA Conference and to celebrate NEBSA’s 4oth anniversary of providing member services.


Conference (Tuesday 2/20/18)

Breakfast – Technology Update:   

As educational technology needs change, increase your knowledge about technical developments in wireless technology and broadband networks.

Educational Deployments – Progress Made and Lessons Learned:

Educational operators of EBS -based wireless broadband networks share the challenges they have faced in their self-deployments and critical lessons they have learned.

Digital Equity Service Models:

Digital Equity is consistently cited as a critical factor by the FCC and at educational and community service organizations. Issues and innovative approached will be featured at this important session.

Lunch - Annual Member Meeting/ Reports / Recognitions:

Join us for lunch and the annual NEBSA meeting recognizing membership and organizational accomplishments.  The location for the 2019 NEBSA Conference will also be announced.

EBS Best Practices – Stories of Impact:

Consistent feedback from members and prior conference attendees is to share some of the stories of EBS licensees leading and assisting educational efforts.  Representatives from educational organizations across the country will show the impact of some of their work and ask attendees to share as well.

Sprint Developments:

Sprint has been in the news for some time with numerous developments. Join us to learn the latest information.

Roundup and Open Q&A:

Having absorbed a great deal of information at the conference – here is a chance to expand thinking, preview areas discussed, share thoughts, and pose any lingering questions.

Final Event – Dinner and Cocktails:

San Antonio provides a spectacular location with the river walk’s beauty.   Traditionally a very popular event, dinner and cocktails at a location by the river walk allow a show of support to the EBS community where thanks for participation, contributions to the conference and opportunities for networking await.


NEBSA Board of Directors Meeting (Wednesday 2/21/18)

The NEBSA Board of Directors will hold their annual meeting.