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NEBSA Webinar: Innovative Educational Solutions During COVID-19

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“Powerful Partnership: Vegas PBS and the Clark County School District  Delivers Outstanding Remote Learning Opportunities”

The webinar was held August 6,2020

The webinar may be viewed through the following link:
NEBSA Webinar - Educational Solutions for a Covid 19 Environment

With the onset of COVID-19, educational organizations and communities across the country have had to adapt to find innovative broadband solutions with little notice.

Providing viable educational resources and using technologies in new or unfamiliar ways has been a tremendous challenge.  Educational organizations of all types and sizes have struggled to adapt to the new environment.

One organization in a state that has been among the hardest hit in the pandemic has provided an outstanding and comprehensive response.  Vegas PBS in conjunction with the Clark County School District has integrated a host of broadband resources making a huge difference in one of the nation’s largest school districts and throughout the state of Nevada.

Among other areas, Vegas PBS has created resources for students, parents and educators statewide.  A robust video streaming service and EBS resources provides hundreds of thousands of program streams.  Customized and enhanced communications, over 45,000 distributed chrome books, professional development and adult education courses have all been integrated into a wide-ranging response having a positive impact.

NEBSA is pleased to feature Vegas PBS General Manger Tom Axtell who will share the fascinating story of this broadband response that has benefited all of Nevada and can serve as a model to others during the pandemic.

This event is presented as a public service to the educational broadband community by NEBSA and the generous support of our sponsors: