Annual Conference - 2021 Annual Conference Agenda

NEBSA 2021 – NEBSA Virtual Conference Agenda




Annual meeting and updates for NEBSA membership                                    ( All Times Noted are Eastern)

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DAY 1: MONDAY - 2/22/21


11:00 – 12:00 – All Things EBS

Unprecedented changes have been established for EBS as the FCC has introduced new rules impacting licensing and operations.  This informative session will cover what is happening with the EBS band including: stakeholders, regulatory environment, and business considerations.  This session has something of value for everyone interested in EBS.

Presenters – Evan Carb, Principal, Law Offices of Evan D. Carb

Patrick Gossman, Deputy CIO, Wayne State University

Andreas Bitzarakis – Director of Broadband, Select Spectrum

Moderator – Lee Solonche, Executive Director, NEBSA


1:30 – 3:00 - Keynote Presentation – ‘’Rethinking the New Normal” with Amy Shaw


NEBSA is proud to welcome Amy Shaw, President and CEO of The Nine Network, Saint Louis, Missouri as our 2021Annual Conference Keynote Speaker.  Ms. Shaw has a diverse and unique background including: serving as an inaugural Eisenhower Zhi-Xing Fellow, current chair of the FOCUS St. Louis Board and has led national public media projects focusing on mortgage and financial crisis support. She has also been a national leader for the American Graduate Initiative improving graduation rates and outcomes for youth across the country

Keynote Speaker – Amy Shaw, President, Nine Network

Moderator – Lee Solonche, Executive Director, NEBSA


3:30 – 4:30 - Regulatory Overview and Update     

The FCC has implemented new rules to EBS beginning April, 27, 2020.  Counsel representing numerous EBS licensees will provide a summary on regulatory and legislative changes that impact current and future EBS licensees. Keeping informed on FCC policies has never been more important.

Presenters – Ed LaVergne, Principal, Fish, Richardson, P.C.

Jim Goldstein - Director Technology and Engineering Policy, T-Mobile

Moderator/Presenter - Todd Gray, Partner, Gray, Miller, Parsh, LLP


Day One Concludes



NEBSA 2021 – Virtual Conference Agenda

Day 2: TUESDAY - 2/23/21


11:00 – 12:00 - 5G Update – What’s In the Pipeline?

5G continues to generate news with the massive expansion of the T-Mobile 2.5 supported network along with increased technological expectations, interest continues to grow.  Standards, applications and future developments of 5G will all be discussed.

Presenters - Neville Ray –Chief Technology Officer, T-Mobile

Representative TBA – Ericsson

Moderator/Presenter – Brenda Watt, NEBSA


12:30 – 1:30 – Spectrum Valuation and Regulation 


As the FCC new rules regarding licensing are implemented, will your organization be prepared?  If selling a license is under consideration what are the pros and cons involved?  What about valuation? Are there other implications?

Presenters – Donna Balaguer - Principal, Fish, Richardson, P.C.

Andreas Bitzarakis – Director of Broadband, Select Spectrum

Moderator – Lee Solonche, Executive Director, NEBSA  


2:30– 3:30 - T-Mobile Update

T-Mobile has finalized the acquisition of Sprint and has generated a great deal of news incorporating EBS with a massive 5G rollout.  Learn more as we discuss current and potential future operations.

Presenters – Paul McCarthy, Spectrum Development, T-Mobile

Brandon Bullis – Director, Spectrum Management, T-Mobile

Moderator – Eric Smith, Board Chair, NEBSA


4:00 – 5:00 – Educational Solutions During COVID

COVID has had a major impact on educational organizations.  Broadband solutions have had to be deployed for learners of all ages in an unprecedented manner.  Examples of innovative technology applications serving communities will be shared.

Presenters – Andi Harprig, Director of Engagement and Learning, Nine Network

Dr. Keisha Taylor - National Education Administrator, T-Mobile

Kimberly Singletary – Wi-Fi Manager, South Carolina ETV

Connie Moise, Director Information Services, Palomar College

Moderator – Eric Breese, Associate Chief Information Officer, Illinois Institute of Technology





1:00 - 4:00 - Board of Directors Meeting

Annual meeting of NEBSA Board of Directors