What is NEBSA?


The National EBS Association (NEBSA) is the professional association for those institutions who hold and EBS (formerly ITFS) license.


The membership is composed of representatives from K12, post secondary and other education-related non-profit entities, many of whom have operated EBS systems for a number of years. 


NEBSA members share information with one another and the association organizes a annual conference each year, typically in February, to discuss issues of importance to members.


What impact will the Association name change have on our membership/ organization?


The transition from NIA to NEBSA should be almost transparent.  With the exception of this web site replacing the itfs.org web site and of course payments for Memberships and Annual Conference Fees, etc. being made payable to NEBSA vice NIA.


Does NEBSA benefit from my license?


NEBSA does not derive benefit from your license but it can benefit from increased participation from licensees who may not have been aware of NEBSA and its services.


Licensees really derive more benefit from NEBSA because they can obtain practical information from experienced peers who have been successful users of their licenses.


In addition, NEBSA has retained expert communications counsel to apprise members of the legal and regulatory issues that affect all licensees and to represent the association in matters before the FCC.


NEBSA also maintains an active list serve and blogs for timely exchange of information




What Do We Do?
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 We hold Annual Meetings
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on EBS  related  activities/

 We offer
Professional Development

We provide ways to influence  National  EBS policy & rules

We develop
   official positions and help
guide best practices

We help you to
get (and stay) involved

We help you Network

Annual Conference

Blogs/Discussion Boards

E-mail List Serves

  We Keep You Informed

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