This section provides information about FCC Filings  and other mission critical information about EBS and other broadband and broadcast areas.



  FCC Filings


Filings Made with the FCC


The EBS/ITFS Related Filings listed in this section provide information about actions taken to provide the FCC with information that impacts EBS/ITFS licenses, licensees, and use of EBS/ITFS Spectrum.


FCC Filing






White Space Licensing Proceedings


NEBSA is the professional association of EBS licensees, applicants and others interested in the Educational Broadband Service.  NEBSA has long been an active participant in WT Docket No. 03-66 and other proceedings affecting EB


NEBSA believes that it is premature to decide if and how to license EBS channels in the Gulf of Mexico, and urges the Commission not to decide the Gulf of Mexico EBS licensing issues at this time.


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FCC Grants Extension of Time

in EBS White Space Licensing Rule Making



 At the request of the National EBS Association (NEBSA, formerly the National ITFS Association) and the Catholic Television Network (CTN), the FCC has extended the comment and reply comment deadlines in the EBS White Space licensing rule making proceeding to September 22, 2008 and October 22, 2008, respectively.  You may recall that the comment deadline had been this coming Monday, July 7, 2008.  The extension gives us all time for what we hope can be full consideration of the many difficult issues in the proceeding.  More Information

FCC Grants Six Month Extension for EBS Substantial Service Deadline


The National EBS Association & CTN's Request for Extension of Time to Demonstrate Substantial Service on EBS Spectrum was adopted by the FCC on March 21st and a Memorandum Opinion and Order regarding same was released on March 22.


What this means is that the Deadline for EBS Licencees to Demonstrate that they are meeting the Minimum Service/Substantial Service Requirements has been extended from May 1, 2011 to November 1, 2011


To view the entire Memorandum Opinion and Order please click here


Substantial Service Information Guide

Click on the link above to view a new resource explaining how your institution can deploy a system to help meet Substantial Service.  Includes WiMax 101’ and product demonstration videos (links to videos inside the guide)!




















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 EBS Licensing


 EBS Band Plan


EBS Operations


 EBS Spectrum Leasing


EBS licensees are permitted to lease their excess capacity spectrum, subject to the rules adopted in the Secondary Markets Report and Order.


In the Secondary Markets Report and Order, the Commission took important first steps to facilitate significantly broader access to valuable spectrum resources by enabling a wide array of facilities-based providers of broadband and other communications services to enter into spectrum leasing arrangements with Wireless Radio Service licensees.


These flexible policies continue our evolution toward greater reliance on the marketplace to expand the scope of available wireless services and devices, leading to more efficient and dynamic use of the important spectrum resource to the ultimate benefit of consumers throughout the country.


           EBS Transition Plan  


The transition plan creates a process for relocating Educational Broadband Service (EBS) licensees and Broadband Radio Service (BRS) licensees from their current channel locations to their new spectrum blocks in the Lower Band Segment (LBS), Middle band Segment (MBS), or Upper Band Segment (UBS). The transition occurs by Major Economic Area (MEA) and is undertaken by a proponent or multiple proponents. A proponent(s) must pay the cost of transitioning EBS licensees. The transition occurs in the following three phases: the Initiation Phase, the Transition Planning Phase, and the Transition Completion Phase.


IMPORTANT UPDATE: See FCC's April 2006 decision in the BRS/EBS Proceeding (pdf).