FAQ's About Transition


What are these new FCC rules

that require action from my institution?


The frequencies assigned to each licensee are being changed. This process, called the Transition, will be managed by an entity called the Proponent.


The licensee is required to supply information to the Proponent and to then react to the plan submitted by the proponent.


The FCC rules outline specific timelines for the exchange of this information and if the educational licensee does not comply with the timeline, it will forfeit the ability to receive free equipment to utilize the new services. A detailed description of this process can be found here


If you do not fully understand this process, please contact the National EBS Association (NEBSA) for help.


I received a Pre-Transition Data Request (PTDR)

from a commercial company. 

What is that about and what should I do?


If you have received a Pre-Transition Data Request or PTDR, it means a Proponent has begun the Transition process for licensees in your area. You should be prepared to submit information to the Proponent within the mandated timeline, but if you are not sure what to do, contact one of the board members of NEBSA for assistance. You can find their contact information in the left column on this page.


What should I do now?


The first step is to locate your license and if unable to do so, then check in the FCC database to insure that your institution did actually receive a license.


You should also check your files to see if your institution entered into any type of an Excess Airtime or Royalty Agreement with a commercial company at about the same time as your license application was submitted to the FCC.


If you we able to locate any of the above, you should obtain legal advice from one of the many communications attorneys who have clients as members of the National EBS Association. They can explain your rights and options.


What if there are no records here?


If you cannot locate any records in your institution’s files, you could look for your records in the FCC’s Universal Licensing System (ULS) Database.


EBS Licensees can search for current FCC licensing data based on the Licensee by clicking here


If your institution’s name does not provide any information, the above page also contains a link for an "Advanced License Search" using more specific parameters.


What if I don’t do anything?


The FCC will cancel your license and you will have forfeited your opportunity to obtain free wireless broadband services and a potential revenue stream for your institution


How can I find out more information?


The first step would be to review all information available to you via this website.


Here you can find a list of NEBSA board members who would be happy to can answer your questions and provide guidance on next steps.


This web site also provides general information and a list of current members should you wish to contact someone close to your area.

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