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What is NIA?


The National ITFS Association (NIA) is the professional association for those institutions who hold and EBS (formerly ITFS) license.


The membership is composed of representatives from K12, post secondary and other education-related non-profit entities, many of whom have operated EBS systems for a number of years. 


NIA members share information with one another and the association organizes a annual conference each year, typically in February, to discuss issues of importance to members.


NIA Background


The National ITFS Association (NIA), a non-profit corporation, was established in 1978 to provide an avenue for communication among the educational institutions and non-profit organizations that held licenses in the Instructional Televisions Fixed spectrum band.

Its initial roles were to provide a forum for members to exchange information concerning successful educational applications of ITFS and to monitor Federal Communications Commission actions affecting the spectrum.

In the mid-1980’s, intensified commercial interest in using the ITFS spectrum led NIA to take a more active role as an advocate at the FCC for all ITFS licensees. Since that time NIA has filed numerous pleadings before the Commission seeking to insure that the continuing rights of ITFS licensees to use their spectrum for education, and that commercial applications of ITFS provide substantial benefit to licensees and to education.

NIA was the leading advocate for education in the FCC Rule making which has led to the revision of the FCC Rules, the realignment of the ITFS spectrum to facilitate two-way digital wireless broadband services, and the FCC’s change of name for the spectrum to the Educational Broadband Service (EBS)

As NIA approaches its thirtieth year of service it continues to advocate for the educational use of the ITFS spectrum, to represent the interests of ITFS licensees at the FCC, and to provide an expanded forum for exchange of information and advice on the new technologies, new educational applications, and commercial relationships.

To provide the means to accomplish those goals the Association, employs FCC Counsel in Washington, D.C., maintains the NIA ListServ which it makes available to all with ITFS interests and conducts an Annual Meeting in which experts in the fields of FCC Rules, education, and technologies provide attendees with the most current information and developments in their fields.


Please Note:


The National ITFS Association is being renamed to the National EBS Association due to a change in the nomenclature used by the FCC to describe the spectrum set aside for education.


And, hopefully the change for NIA Members will be transparent.  Current NIA Members became NEBSA Members effective January 1, 2008.



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