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 NIA's 2005 Annual Conference Presentations 

New Rules, New Standards, New Opportunities for Education

February 14-17, 2005

San Diego Marriott Gaslamp Quarter Hotel

San Diego, CA



New Rules, New Standards, New Opportunities ...... and a new designation!  ITFS is now EBS, the Education Broadband Service, and what a fitting name it is.  ITFS has always been about education and it is on the verge of deployment for many new and truly exciting broadband services for education and the community.


We are entering the year 2005 with the biggest changes to ITFS rules in 40 years coupled with major industry investment and technology developments.  The promise of "Anytime, Any Place, Any Path, Any Pace" learning may finally be realized and the new EBS spectrum is key.


What will you do with your license now that the spectrum can be used for mobile, high-speed Internet services?  What technologies and services are best to further education in your area?  Will you partner with an operator, or other educators, or build your own services?


We hope that this week's presentations and exhibits will help you address these questions with knowledge and confidence.  We also hope this opportunity to network with leaders from education, industry and with top attorneys and engineers, and with key representatives from the FCC will aid you and your organization in this important decision making process.


On behalf of the NIA Officers and Board of Directors,

Welcome to NIA's 2005 Annual Meeting and Conference!


Dr. Patrick J. Gossman

NIA Board Chairman


Subjects covered in the NIA 2005 Annual Conference Sessions

"Unleashing the Educational Power of Broadband"

ITFS becomes EBS (Educational Broadband Service) -

How the FCC's New Rules and New Band Plan Affect You



The FCC on Spectrum, Education, the Future......


The FCC Online


New Technology/New Standards:

The Future of WiMax


New Opportunities:  Educators


EBS/ITFS Participation in Community Networks


New Rules/New Opportunities (Large Operators)


Digital Video Applications for EBS/ITFS


New Rules/New Opportunities (Regional Operators)


Financials:  Valuing EBS/ITFS in 2005


New Leasing Opportunities


More information about each of the above subjects

 is provided below.

"Unleashing the Educational Power of Broadband"


Keynote Speaker: Louis Fox, Vice Provost, University of Washington, Research Professor, Information School and Executive Director, National Internet2 K20 Initiative.


This keynote presentation will include information on the National Internet2 K20 Initiative and demonstrations of a few of the remarkable applications that are emerging.


The importance and the impact on education of speed and mobility will also be explored in this presentation.


ITFS has served education and the country well for over 40 years and now as it emerges as EBS (Educational Broadband Service), it stands to have a more profound impact on education and the community with the launch of wide area, mobile broadband data services.


ITFS becomes EBS (Educational Broadband Service) -

How the FCC's New Rules and New Band Plan Affect You

The New FCC Rules will significantly affect how ITFS stations operate as the spectrum transitions to the new band plan.  New flexibility and new opportunities for service are accompanied by new requirements and new deadlines.  Find out how the new rules affect your license, now, and over the next several years, and which issues are yet to be decided by the FCC.



Todd Gray

Slides 1-7   Slides 8-14

NIA FCC Counsel

Dow, Lohnes & Albertson


Ed Lavergne

Fish & Richardson P.C.


Paul Sinderbrand

Wilkinson, Barker & Knauer


Dane E. Ericksen, P.E.


Hammett & Edison, Inc.


The FCC on Spectrum, Education, the Future...


Guest Speaker:  Uzoma Onyeije, Legal Advisor, Office of Bureau Chief, Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB), FCC.


The FCC Online

With the new rules come new responsibilities for licensees.  The FCC's Website holds a wealth of information and services to help educators stay informed and maintain their licenses.  Searching for license information in the Universal Licensing System (ULS), updating licensee information and filing applications and comments electronically are some of the useful features that will be covered in this tour of the FCC Website.

New Technology/New Standards:

The Future of WiMax

Wi-Fi took the country by storm, with hotspots popping up across the country.  But with Wi-Fi, you have to find a hotspot.  WiMax is the next big step, providing broad area coverage and, eventually, mobility.  This session will introduce you to WiMax, its capabilities, its projected timetable for standards completion and the expected development of equipment.

New Opportunities:  Educators

Broadband wireless and web-based instruction will provide opportunities for EBS/ITFS systems to deliver new educational services and value to their institutions.  Hear from EBS/ITFS operators who are actively engaged, or are planning for these new opportunities, describe their projects, their experiences and the challenges they are facing.


Spencer A. Fruend - Associate Vice President

Academic Affairs/Telecommunications

California State University Sacramento


John A. Grozik - Director

Instructional Media Services

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee


Bob Schmidt

Instructional Technology Supervisor

Milwaukee Public Schools


Steven Vedro

SRV Consulting

EBS/ITFS Participation in Community Networks

The Broward County, FL school system is planning for its EBS/ITFS Channels to become part of a community network.  The model is OneCleveland, a nonprofit provider of a community-based ultra broadband networking services to educational, governmental, research, arts, and cultural, nonprofit and healthcare organizations in Greater Cleveland.



Dr. Phyllis Schiffer Simon


BECON Network

Broward County, FL Public Schools



New Rules/New Opportunities (Large Operators)


New players, buyouts, mergers ...... There has been a lot of activity recently in the new EBS/BRS spectrum and the plans of large operators have direct and indirect impact upon educators across the United States.  Each company has its own business plan with different technologies, strategies and timetables.  As an EBS licensee looking for a partnership, is one of these companies the right partner for your?


Digital Video Applications for EBS/ITFS


In a transition to digital, are you considering the creation of a video-on-demand service?  Over the past two years AIT, one of the leading producers and distributors of instructional video to be searched and played "on demand" has encoded video and data at Pastoral Communications in Brooklyn and statewide in Ohio.



Jo Ann Flick


Agency for Instructional Technology




New Rules/New Opportunities (Regional Operators)


Large operators aren't the only potential partners, especially in rural areas or in particular niche markets.  This panel will explore and showcase a variety of models for partnering with smaller companies and explore the unique benefits they may offer.


Financials:  Valuing EBS/ITFS in 2005


Determining fair value objectively is key whether an EBS licensee is looking for funding or services in a lease/partnership relationship.  BIA Financial has been valuing spectrum for several years and is back to share the latest on what's happening in the 2.5 GHz portion of the spectrum in 2005.




Kim Randolph

Sr. Financial Analyst

BIA Financial Network


Jim Weisenberg


WW Associates


Excess Capacity Leasing Under the New EBS Rules


There are new FCC Rules, a looming transition from one band plan to another, new industry players, and new concepts of how excess capacity leasing should work.


Then there are the FCC's "secondary markets" rules which permit EBS licensees to off-load regulatory responsibility for their stations to their lessees.  This session will explore how EBS leasing is changing and provide vital information to any EBS licensee that anticipates leasing EBS Spectrum.


Presenter:  Robert J Rini - Rini Coran, PC


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