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 NIA's 2004 Annual Conference Presentations 


ITFS & MMDS Directions

Planning the Transition to Broadband


February 16-19, 2004

Marina Marriott Hotel

Fort Lauderdale, Florida



The year 2004 will be a year when ITFS licensees face some of the most radical changes and most critical decisions in the years since the FCC authorized the current relationships between ITFS and commercial wireless operators.


This week you will see and hear presentations, and exhibits that will provide you with information that will be critical to your decisions in a time of changing regulation and new technology.


It is information that NIA believes will help ITFS licensees preserve, develop and use their spectrum to achieve their current and future goals for "Anytime, Anyplace, Any Path, Any Pace" distance learning.


 We hope this opportunity to network with leaders of the ITFS and MMDS industries, the most knowledgeable engineers, the government regulators, and the most experienced  and successful ITFS educators at NIA 2004 will prove to be highly valuable to you and your organization.


On behalf of the NIA Officers and Board of Directors,

Welcome to NIA's 2004 Annual Meeting and Conference!


Dr. Patrick Gossman

Chairman NIA


Subjects covered in the NIA 2004 Annual Conference Sessions

ITFS and MMDS Directions

The Band Plan Rule Making and Effect on ITFS

Building a National and International

Distance Learning Program


A FCC Perspective on ITFS


ITFS Licensing and Regulatory Activities


Advanced ITFS Technology:

Who's Doing What and Where: Part I


Planning the Transition to Broadband


Advanced ITFS Technology:

Who's Doing What and Where? Part 2


ITFS Excess Capacity Leasing

In the Post - WorldCom, New Band Plan World


The Final "Q & A"


More information about each of the above subjects

 is provided below.

ITFS and MMDS Directions

The leaders of the ITFS and MMDS industry organizations discuss their views of the issues facing educational Licensees and their commercial partners as ITFS and MMDS move toward becoming a vehicle for the delivery of wireless broadband services.

The Band Plan Rule Making and Effect on ITFS

Review of the industry's proposal to revise the ITFS/MDS band plan and technical rules, plus Comments and Reply Comments that were filed in the fall of 2003.  We are now awaiting action by the FCC.  This panel will discuss the proposals, comment on the likely timing and result of the FCC's decision and explore the effect of the rule changes on ITFS licensees.


Todd Gray

NIA FCC Counsel

Dow, Lohnes & Albertson


Harry Perlow


Sprint Broadband PCS


Paul Sinderbrand

Wilkinson, Barker, Knauer


Building a National and International

Distance Learning Program

In five years, distance learning enrollments at Ft. Hays State University have grown from 600 to 5000 students in Kansas, Turkey, China, at US Naval Bases Worldwide and other states.

And, a pioneer distance learning program at Dallas Community College has adapted to new technologies to use ITFS, online learning, CD-ROM, and streaming video to reach annual enrollments of 15,000.

A FCC Perspective on ITFS

An insiders view of ITFS from an official of the FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB).

Mr. John Schauble - Deputy Chief, Broadband Division will discuss the WTB"s assumption of the administration of ITFS, WTB's major ITFS related projects, the current status of the white paper filed by NIA, WCA and the Catholic Television Network, and the Band Plan Rule Making/NPRM. 

ITFS Licensing and Regulatory Activities

by the FCC's WTB


Responsibility for processing ITFS applications and Regulating ITFS activities was transferred to the WTB on March 25, 2002.  What has been the WTB's record to date?  Learn about WTB activity(and inactivity) relating to ITFS CP extensions, ITFS renewals, modification applications, aftermath of the database updating process, and other matters that are crucial to you as a licensee.


Advanced ITFS Technology:

Who's Doing What and Where: Part I


It seems apparent that the future value and widespread usefulness of ITFS is very much dependent on the success of wireless Non-Line-of-Sight technology.  Different developers are taking different approaches and targeting different populations.  Learn which developers and vendors have working commercial and educational applications in operation, in construction, or in planning.  Find out what and where they are and how they are serving their target business, home and educational target audiences.

Planning the Transition to Broadband

Given the pending rule changes at the FCC coupled with the emergence of second generation equipment, opportunities will soon exist for dramatic changes in service offerings of ITFS systems. 

This tutorial will allow ITFS managers to build on their current broadband knowledge base, its possibilities, advantages, disadvantages and potential pit falls.  Preparation for those managers who will oversee their licensee's transition to broadband, including the implications of the pending rule changes from both a technical and regulatory standpoint, and be responsible for evaluating the provisions of agreements that will determine the success of that transition.


T. Lauriston Hardin, P.E.

President Hardin & Associates


Advanced ITFS Technology:

Who's Doing What and Where: Part II

A continuation of the Part I session featuring different producers.

ITFS Excess Capacity Leasing

In the Post - WorldCom, New Band Plan World

The bankruptcies of WorldCom and Nucentrix and others have brought new players into the ITFS excess capacity scene and have changed the dynamics of the leasing process.

The new band plan that will emerge from the FCC's rule making proceeding will also affect the ITFS leases.  Learn about what experts think how the bankruptcies and new players have affected leasing, and what are the major issues in ITFS leasing under the new band plan and rules.

The Final "Q & A"

Presenters will be on-hand to answer both written and spontaneous questions that were not answered during the earlier sessions and to suggest some next steps that licensees should be taking to prepare for the transition to a new broadband plan and new Rule. 


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