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 NIA's 2002 Annual Convention Presentations 

Fulfilling the Promise of Broadband

February 12 - 21, 2002

Tempe Mission Palms Hotel

Tempe, Arizona


The need for a technology that can provide both universal access  and consumer friendly competition in broadband services  continues to grow.  At NIA 2002, you will meet with a  community  of ITFS and MMDS representatives and other  industry representatives who are working to fulfill that promise of  access and competition.

This week you'll see and hear presentations, demonstrations, and exhibits that focus on:


•  Advances in broadband and related technologies

•  Descriptions or the industry's plans for ITFS and MMDS

• Using advanced technologies to improve and expand educational delivery systems

•  Spectrum Values and revenue potential for ITFS

• Clarification of the role of government regulation and recent FCC decisions.


  We hope this opportunity, to network with the leaders of the ITFS and MMDS industries, the most knowledge-able engineers, FCC    counsel, the government regulators, and the most experienced and successful ITFS educators at NIA 2002, will prove to be highly valuable to you and your organization.

On behalf of the NIA Officers and Board of Directors,   welcome to the 2002 NIA Annual Meeting and Conference!

Dr. Patrick Gossman  -  Chairman National ITFS Association

Subjects covered in the NIA 2002 Annual Conference Sessions


ITFS State and Prospects


E-Learning and ITFS


The Newer and Developing ITFS Technologies


The FCC Perspective


The Legal and Regulatory Issues


Video in a Data World


Business Models for the Era of Mobility


ITFS Now and In The Future


E-Learning on the Front-Line


NIA Annual Member/Membership Meeting & Annual Report


The Latest on Excess Capacity Leasing


The Wrap Up


More information about each of the above subjects

 is provided below.


ITFS State and Prospects


A report on the current state and prospects for the ITFS/MMDS partnership will be presented


E-Learning and ITFS


The usefulness of ITFS to its licensees depends on more than improved technology.  It is just as critical that ITFS licensees understand and participate in the national initiative to develop effective e-learning applications.  The National Association of State Boards of Education's October 2001 Report on e-Learning, "Any Time, Any Place, Any Path, Any Pace", has set the national agenda for e-learning and, for those who believe ITFS can play a significant role meeting America's 21st Century needs.


Keynote Speaker:

The NASBE Report

"Any Time, Any Place, Any Path, Any Pace"

Florida Virtual School

Jean Gulliver

Chairperson, E-Study Group,

National Association of State Boards of Education


The Newer and Developing ITFS technologies


Each rebirth of the ITFS/MMDS partnership has been heralded by new technology for sending, receiving or using ITFS communications.  How will 2G and 3G affect the flexibility, capacity and quality of ITFS transmission an reception?  Learn first hand how new  technologies in development and that are still on the drawing board will affect ITFS.


The FCC Perspective


Charles Dziedzic - Former Assistant Chief

Video Services Division, Mass Media Bureau, FCC


An FCC insider's view of the roller coaster ride taken by ITFS and MMDS since the Mass Media Bureau added MDS to its ITFS responsibilities in 1994.  Why did the FCC rule as it did and what were its hopes for 2.5GHz when it authorized digital modulation and two-way?  Why did the FCC rule for ITFS on 3G and what may the FCC's reorganization mean for ITFS?


The Legal and Regulatory Issues


Take this opportunity to get current on the regulatory issues facing ITFS Licensees --- the need to protect ITFS against interference from other services ---- legal implications of 3D ---- auctions of MX'd ITFS applications ---- and FCC requirements for filing applications and extending construction permits..



Todd Gray

NIA FCC Counsel

Dow, Lohnes & Albertson


Video in a Data World


Although future broadband systems will be designed primarily to deliver data, many distance learning programs will continue to be based primarily on video instruction.


This is an opportunity to see and hear about developments in video streaming and other equipment and services that support video distance learning.


Busines Models for the Era of Mobility


ITFS licensees get a forward look at how their commercial counterparts might use the ITFS/MMDS spectrum in systems that include mobility and how that could affect the ITFS.



Camilla Jensen

Senior Financial Analyst

BIA Financial Network

ITFS in the Era of Mobility

Maximizing Spectrum Value


ITFS now and In The Future


Many ITFS channels will soon be part of a two-way digital data system.  How will these systems be used to connect teacher and student?  What is W2?  Is digital the solution or the problem?  Is video streaming the answer?


Through case studies, presentations and audience participation this session will answer these and other questions and help you explore plans for innovative uses of the ITFS spectrum for education.



John Grozik


Instructional Media Services

University of Wisconsin


e-Learning on the Front-Line


E-Learning is already established in many school districts, colleges, and universities.  Foundations and government agencies are funding e-learning startups.  Some supplement classroom teaching and others deliver a complete curriculum leading to a diploma or degree.  They can be free or funded by tuition.  Learn which models might work for your institution.


NIA Annual Meeting and Annual Report

Join the Members of NIA for the Annual Membership Meeting.  Following the Annual Report, join in the applause for those whose contributions to ITFS during the past year have earned them the Annual Chairman's Award.


The Latest on Excess Capacity Leasing


Despite lowered activity in constructing ITFS/MMDS systems, there are negotiations in progress to revise existing agreements between ITFS licensees and their MMDS partners.  Those involved in recent negotiations describe the circumstances, parameters and the actions that will affect the results of future negotiations.



Todd Gray

NIA FCC Counsel

Dow, Lohnes & Albertson



The Wrap UP

This is your chance to have all those questions left unanswered by the preceding days' sessions.   Please take advantage of this opportunity to discuss the present and the near and distant futures of ITFS with the NIA Board and MMDS industry leaders.  Leave your question in the "Open Issues" box at the Registration Desk.



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